Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

The Basta web site has just published an interesting article by Nolwenn Weiler on pediatric cancers in France, and the great concern they cause to public health authorities :

More than a concern for children and their families, it seems to be a concern to make the problem disappear under the rug.

For example, in a cancer case involving a 15-year-old girl in La Rochelle, we learn that the local ARS declared “nothing shows a causal link between the environment and health”. without providing any further explanation of the pollutants identified. Pass by, there is nothing to see …

On the case of Saint Pazanne, in Loire Atlantique, where 24 children have mysteriously fallen ill since 2015 (and 5 have died) it’s the same scenario. Santé Publique France declares without blushing: “The statistical analysis concludes that there is no abnormally high risk of pediatric cancer in the Sainte-Pazanne sector compared to the rest of the department”

However parents say that “they have thought about the best way to make the cluster disappear”, by distributing the number of sick children “over three cantons which no longer even exist, rather than distributing them by municipality” Clever, right?


Which does not prevent Santé Publique France from asserting that its three main missions are: “anticipate, understand and act” … Not for pediatric cancers, apparently…