Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

There are things that the Servants of the System are unwilling to discuss, or question.

The mandatory vaccinations, for example …

Yet this could well be called into question by a very interesting study that was carried out in 2014-2015, on the initiative of Dr Dominique Eraud.

This study looked at the presence of antibodies in people who had been vaccinated against tetanus, hepatitis A and B and polio.

And it showed – with supporting evidence – that not everyone reacts the same way to vaccines, and that some people who are supposed to be immune with these vaccines are not, while others who are not supposed to be immune, still are.

In other words, it called into question the very principle of mandatory vaccination for all, whatever their state of health or personal history, and proposed, on the contrary, to consider the possibility of a “personalized” vaccination.

Here is the interview with Dr. Eraud on this subject, directed in 2019 by Jean-Yves Bilien.

And of course the successive Ministers of Health, obsessed with the vaccination obligation decreed by themselves (and not by doctors …), did not follow up on this proposal.

Definitely the Servants of the System are terribly deaf …