Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

During a recent “Peace Summit” organized in Stockholm by IPSE, the constitutional lawyer Rocco Galati gave a very enlightening presentation on the present evolution towards the dehumanization of humans, on the occasion of the alleged “pandemic” covid 19

He explains that actually the fundamental human rights (freedom to move, to meet, to express an opinion, etc.) are not granted by States, but correspond to attributes inherent in human nature.

This is why they are inalienable

And to want to remove them is to want to dehumanize humans, to take away from them what precisely makes them human, and therefore to transform them into subhumans, into objects. Here is that excerpt:



Thus the current “pandemic” and the measures it has brought about are indicative of an ongoing trend towards the very negation of human nature, which is also found in transhumanism … .

Is there a greater barbarity?