Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

In February 2021, Bill Gates’ latest book “How to avoid a climate disaster” will be released, in which this good philanthropist who wants to save the world explains how to definitely solve this climate question, thanks to technology.

His concern for the climate would, however, be more credible if he was not at the same time in the process of acquiring Signature Aviation, the world’s largest private jet maintenance company (article here). It must be said that with his 4 private jets and his 59 air trips per year, which make him one of the world’s largest private emitters of CO2, we can understand that this mode of transport is one of his major concerns.

This illustrates the formidable hypocrisy of this man, whose supposedly philanthropic actions generally hide much less laudable intentions. Not only do they most often help him to strengthen the profitability of his personal investments (see the survey by Lionel Astruc on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: “L’art de la fausse générosité”), but above all they contribute to the implementation of a general population control agenda:

  • control of global public health policies in order to make generalized vaccination compulsory,
  • control of human reproduction (family planning), in particular in the Third World, in order to reduce the world population,
  • generalized control of identities, with the implementation of a universal digital identity card, used in particular to control the vaccinations, and the financial transactions of individuals
  • and of course control of information and media …

But why such an “agenda”? What is he trying to achieve with all these initiatives? Does he really want us to move towards a completely digital and inhumane society, and why?

The answer to these questions can be found in the movie “Who is Bill Gates” posted on the Corbett Report website here 

If you don’t have time to watch it in full, at least watch the excerpt below, which will tell you a lot about Bill Gates’ intentions, and the critical importance they could have on our short term future.