Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

I can’t believe my eyes … In Le Figaro of April 8, 2021, I just read a little article written by Marie-Cécile Renault about the critical care resuscitation units ( CCRU ) of French hospitals and the (past …) will of the health authorities NOT to increase their numbers. According to this article, the epidemiologist Antoine Flahaut would have said (see pdf):

Wanting more CCRU beds as a response to the Covid reminds me of the choice to arm the Garches hospital in the 1970s to treat the traumas of the Western highway before improving infrastructure, speed limits, radar checks … ”

I don’t know if you realize the monstrosity of this statement. Reread it carefully … Unless I am mistaken, it is about NOT TREATING road accident victims, as long as the speed limits are not respected …

To punish them maybe ?

And in the same article, a member (unfortunately anonymous …) of the cabinet of the Minister of Health adds: “To demand more and more CCRU beds is to want to increase the distance from the wall without slowing down the speed of the car …”

Bold comparison … But if we can’t slow down the speed of the car, what do we do? Do we punish drivers who lose control of their vehicle by letting them crash into the wall?

Besides its total lack of compassion for the injured, this way of conceiving care (TO CARE IS TO LET DIE) is truly satanic. Because what constitutes Satanism is not a dress folklore, but the inversion of all values. As Anton Szandor LeVey wrote in the Manual of the Satanic Bible: “On the devil’s altar, the top is the bottom, pleasure is pain, darkness is light, slavery is freedom, and madness is mental health ”…

“Slavery is freedom, and madness is mental health …” Any resemblance to actual persons or facts would of course be purely coincidental …