Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

It’s incredible, people are dying like flies in nursing homes, following their vaccination, the “authorities” claim without proof that these are only “regrettable coincidences”, and nobody cares (see this article from Children Health Defense ).

This nightmare is just another illustration of how little value the lives of older people are in our western countries, unlike in other cultures, especially Asians. Studies have shown that the two countries in the world where the lives of older people are least valuable are Italy and France (see this article in The Atlantic).

So let’s not be shy, let’s prescribe Rivotril to get rid of the old people who clutter up our hospitals, rather than investing in equipment and beds !

If the responsibility for this murderous policy rests mainly with the health authorities, the doctors (not all fortunately) are often its accomplices, as they were already in a not so distant past, by collaborating massively with the Nazi regime in the extermination of lives considered to be worthless, as justified in this book :

And we know well why such a lack of ethics has been possible (see this article from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine): a fearful obedience to the authorities without questioning their injunctions, the desire to be honoured and rewarded by the regime, a professional corporatist organization tending to silence dissidents, a blind belief in experts and science, even when it was completely wrong and justified racism …

Does all this remind you of nothing? Isn’t that a horrible similarity with the current situation? Doesn’t the French Order of Doctors threaten dissidents? Aren’t the doctors who repeat the official doxa awarded the Legion of Honor? Don’t all these little people (with some exceptions) receive comfortable subsidies that they don’t want to lose by being noticed by some inappropriate talk? Don’t they broadcast on TV the blatant lies of so-called “scientists” who publish bogus studies in corrupt peer-reviewed journals? And don’t they prescribe Rivotril without qualms to free up hospital beds, in the name of false compassion?

One day for sure all these criminals will have to be brought to account …