Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

Interesting this little video from Dr Bauer from the English Francis Crick Institute, where he explains that Pfizer’s vaccine (BNT 162b2) produces 6 times less antibodies on the Indian variant (delta) than on the original variant of SARS Cov 2 (and even less the older you are):

This is all the more interesting as this Indian variant – which currently only represents around 10% of cases in France – should soon represent 90% …

Conclusion of Dr Bauer: you need a 3rd dose of vaccine very quickly (the “booster”).

My own conclusion is quite different: I see it rather as striking proof that the current vaccine strategy is a dangerous aberration: more and more vaccinations which produce more and more variants, more and more resistant and lethal.

We can see it clearly in Israel (here) where the government had to re-establish measures to close borders to tourists and to wear masks, despite almost the entire population having been vaccinated.

It will be endless and worse and worse if we don’t immediately stop this suicidal strategy by relying on natural immunity, and our good old T cells….

I also see in all this aberration the striking demonstration of the stupidity of a majority of “scientists”, if not all, who believe that they can find the solution to all problems only thanks to progress and new technologies, and refuse to resort to previous knowledge that has proven its worth

If humanity ends up disappearing, engulfed in a rain of increasingly lethal variants, it will be thanks to them and their delirious arrogance.