Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

They were told the vaccines would protect them from covid-19. But it is not, with the new variants that keep appearing, as explained among others in this recent article in the journal Cell

They believed that being vaccinated they wouldn’t be any longer lockdowned and required to wear a mask or to respect “social distancing” measures. But this is not the case, as confirmed by a recent judgment by the french Conseil d’Etat

They thought they could travel, take a plane, thanks to the vaccination passport. Yes perhaps, although the prospect of it is still rather distant, and in any case at their own risk: even vaccinated it is hardly prudent to be seated next to another passenger who may be carrying new variants resistant to the vaccines …

They were led to believe that the vaccines were safe, but they are not, despite denials by health authorities. Deaths and serious side effects are much more common than with any other vaccine. See for example this recent article from “ The Defender”. And this only in the short term, but what about the medium and long term effects?

They thought they were doing a “civic act” by getting the vaccine, or at least that is what one tried to make them believe. But this is not the case, and it’s rather the contrary, as Professor Jacques Testart explains, in this document, which can be found on the Criigen web site Not to mention that vaccinated people emit probably 6 times more virus through their breathing than unvaccinated people, as is the case for the influenza virus as explained in this study published on the American Academy of Science PNAS web site

It’s heartbreaking for them; but shouldn’t they have thought a bit and educated themselves before rushing to the vaccination centers?