Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

Sometimes I wonder if it’s useful to spread information about COVID-19, like I have I done on this blog since several months.

There are already too much unverified informations circulating, too many thoughtless and contradictory opinions, either alarmist or delusional. Too much propaganda and lies.

A sickly obsession

It all becomes obsessive and unhealthy. Good health is to stop participating in this catastrophic rehashing, and to be interested in something else, ordinary things of life.

Furthermore, spreading information about COVID-19, even serious and factual, is useless, because people do not believe it, and it therefore does not change their herd or irresponsible behaviour.

Either they are “conspirators”, convinced that the authorities systematically lie, and therefore refuse to consider that there can be a grain of truth in what they say. Or on the contrary they are convinced that the authorities cannot be wrong, cannot lie, only want their good, and therefore never question the official doxa.

Everyone locks themselves in their convictions, their opinions, and no one listens to anyone anymore.

The fear around every corner

And even if there were a few to educate themselves seriously and objectively, and form a realistic and sane opinion, what would that change if it did not result in behaviour change?

One may well know that wearing a mask is unnecessary, even unhealthy, but continue to wear it for fear of being fined, or for fear of being seen badly by others.

One can very well know that the vaccines are dangerous and useless (since there are effective and inexpensive treatments) but be vaccinated anyway, for fear of no longer being able to live “as before” and continue to tour around the world.

One can know all of this very well, when he is a doctor, and act as if he don’t know it, so as not to have any problems with the Medical regulatory authorities, the Health authorities, or the pharmaceutical labs that corrupt him with their money.

And one can very well, when one is in charge of politics, know all this but to say nothing about it, and prefer to align himself with the neighbouring countries, or the directives of the WHO, for fear of being a day held responsible for any failure of the policies implemented.

The lack of compassion

In fact, information is not enough, and has never been enough, to change herd behaviour, either irresponsible or predatory. What can modify behaviour are the emotions felt, the impulses of the heart, the compassion felt in the face of suffering.

Compassion for the wounded on the battlefield, or for the sick in the emergency department. Compassion for the abandoned elders, sometimes euthanized. Compassion for people who have lost their jobs and no longer see a future for themselves and their families. Compassion for the young people who cannot live their youth normally and are deeply depressed. Compassion for the children who cannot see their masked mother’s smile, and who are instilled with the agonizing fear of infecting their parents or grandparents …

If we felt a bit of compassion, we would stop imposing unnecessary and unhealthy masks, dangerous and unnecessary vaccines, vaccine passports that violate fundamental rights. We would stop closing schools, preventing people from living normally, and telling them to stay at home without medical treatment. In short, we would simply stop this pure barbarism….

And since this compassion can only arise in real confrontation with suffering, I sometimes come to think that it is desirable that this crisis continues, really gets worse, and that the suffering increases again and again, and becomes really unbearable, so that people finally react …