Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

In this video from Lockdown TV, Scott Atlas, one of the main Trump’s health policy advisers, explains why lockdown has killed people in America., because of the lack of care for other diseases.

But he says also many other interesting things :

About masks :

“Things like universal mask wearing — honestly that is contrary to the science as well as common sense, to think that you need to wear a mask when you’re in the middle of the desert, when you’re in the car on your own, when you’re bicycling through St James’s Park. This kind of stuff is nonsense. There is no science to support universal masking.

You can look at LA County, Miami-Dade county, many states in the US, the Philippines, Spain, France, the UK, all over the world mandating masks does not stop cases. That is just super naïve, wrong, and that’s just garbage science really. The WHO does not recommend widespread mandatory masks, the NIH does not recommend that, the CDC data itself shows that that doesn’t work.

About fear :

“This is one of the biggest failures of the voices of public health in the United States and in the world — they specifically instilled fear with their proclamations and statements… And the models that were put forward that were worst case scenarios and were just hideously wrong, and the media that has hyped up these rare exceptions like multi-system inflammation in children even though we know the overwhelming evidence is that this disease is absolutely not high risk for children. All the hyperbole, the sensationalising and the failure of public health officials to articulate what we know instead of what we don’t know… The fear is due to what was said by the so-called experts, by the media and by a failure to understand or care what they were instilling in ears…

About the right policies :

“My advice is exactly this. It’s a three-pronged strategy. Number one: aggressive protection of high risk individuals and the vulnerable (typically the elderly and those with co-morbidities). Number two: allocate resources so that we prevent hospital overcrowding, so that people can be treated for this virus and get the other serious medical care that is needed. Number three: open schools, society and businesses because keeping them closed is enormously harmful — in fact it kills people.” (actually this is not the present policy of the US, as Scott Atlas is not the one who decides)

This is exactly the opposite of what the French administration has implemented:

    • prohibition of visits to nursing homes, isolation in rooms … as Régis Aubry underlines in the CNRS Journal of 05/28/2020: without being told, the most vulnerable people were left by the wayside …
    • Lack of an investment policy for beds and the necessary equipment in intensive care units
    •  high schools, schools and colleges closed in March for 5 weeks, and confinements leading to the bankruptcy of many companies


It is all the difference between the vision of managers of the shortage, ready to accept a few more deaths provided that this does not call into question their policy, and the compassionate vision of someone who puts in priority his concern for the difficulties of people.