Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks


For some time now, the censorship of information has been increasing on the mainstream media and social networks. There is hardly a day that Youtube, Facebook, or Twitter does not remove a post that is inconsistent with official thought or that might embarrass some large corporations. The Orwellian world is fast approaching: the “true” becomes the “false”, and the “false” becomes the “true” …

Everyone has seen this in the context of the covid19 epidemic, which has acted as a powerful revealer in this regard. The injunctions presented as necessary were soon after described as unnecessary, or vice versa. The evidence has been denied, and effective and cheap remedies have been labeled as dangerous. Supposedly scientific, but clearly falsified, work has been published in serious journals, serving as justification for the erroneous decisions made by public health authorities.

All of this would not be really worrying if it weren’t for the consequences for the health and survival of entire populations. But forcing bad health decisions through lies can kill hundreds of thousands of people.

So OUR HEALTH IS THREATENED by these manipulations of information, and it becomes vital to expose the lies of certain incompetent or corrupt experts or so-called scientists. This is the goal to which this blog wishes to contribute.