Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

The Salk Research Institute in the US made recently a communication about a study that clearly shows that the Spike protein elicits clotting activity in the body that damages epithelial tissue (press release here)

The Salk Institute is one of the most credible institutions and the results of this work have been accepted in the very serious journal “Circulation Research” of the American Heart Association (publication here)

This information is a ticking time bomb, which few people have yet realized.

Why is this important ?

Until now, it was known that the SARS-COV-2 virus could damage the lungs, heart, liver, brain, skin, epithelial tissues, etc., by producing dangerous blood clots. But what this work has shown is that this virus’s “Spike” protein alone can cause the same damages.

And the researchers who did this work believe that the damage caused by the Spike protein to epithelial cells is greater than the benefits resulting from the reduced infectivity of the virus.

However, as you know, almost all of the vaccines being administered now throughout the world are precisely intended to induce the production of this Spike protein in the body …

Do you see the damages in perspective? clots, clots, lots of thrombosis …

But curiously nobody talks about it …