Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

In the last press conference of the french “Coordination Santé Libre” (which can be viewed here), a slide caught my attention, one that compares the evolution of daily death rates at the beginning of March 2021 of three countries, Israel, Sweden and South Africa:

This diagram shows that these countries, having had very different vaccine policies since the end of December 2020, finally find themselves with equivalent mortality rates on March 1, 2021.

What are in fact the overall vaccination figures in these three countries? According to “Our world in data” here is the cumulative number of vaccinations on March 12 for these countries (source available here):

  • South Africa            0.24 vaccinations per 100 people
  • Sweden                 10.83 vaccinations per 100 people (figure close to the European average)
  • Israel                   106.42 vaccinations per 100 people

Thus the country champion of vaccination, Israel, ends up in March with the same daily death rate as South Africa, one of the poorest student of the class …

Isn’t this the proof that the recent trends in death rates have nothing to do with vaccinations ?


Except of course to enrich Big Pharma generously …