Scientific truths ignored or censored by the media and social networks

France is now divided into two irreconcilable camps, the pro masks and the anti masks. This is not rational, since there is no real scientific basis for wearing or not wearing a mask.

It is therefore a kind of inept religious war, but quite revealing of the character of each one. Here is what Michel Dogna says about that in a recent article on his blog:


  • He feels more secure with a mask.
  • He even has a certain civic pride in wearing the mask.
  • He considers the anti-masks to be dangerous irresponsibles.
  • He even thinks the Mask’s dissidents are potential enemies.
  • He is very afraid of the disease and of the Covid in particular.
  • He does not challenge toxic eating habits.
  • He does not trust the wisdom of his body.
  • He has total confidence in official medicine.
  • He is addicted to television and makes it his absolute reference.
  • He blindly obeys official injunctions.
  • He rejects anything that does not match the TV claims.
  • He is not critical of intolerable laws.
  • He relies on the protective assistantship of the government.
  • He does not seek information from internet sites.
  • He’s not trying to take stock on his own.
  • He especially selects the information that scares him.
  • He does not condemn the inconsistencies in the system and excuses them.
  • He religiously listens to liars corrupted by the labs.
  • He turns away from valuable and independent medical authorities.
  • He refuses to admit the results of banned remedies.
  • It thinks it is a civic act to denounce the rebellious mask to the authorities.
  • He thinks the government wants him well.


  • He respects the freedom of belief and option of PRO masks.
  • He is not afraid of illness and of Covid in particular.
  • He trusts the intelligence of his body.
  • He maintains its natural defenses by eating the healthiest possible.
  • He preferably consumes non-dangerous natural alternative remedies.
  • He refuses any illogical proposition or allegation.
  • He opts for consistent behaviors even when going against the grain.
  • He can be fully autonomous and unassisted.
  • He doesn’t mind the TV and ignores what is said there.
  • He gets information on many re-information websites.
  • He compares the best documented data.
  • He thinks for himself.
  • He  only refers to professionals not sponsored by labs.
  • He pays particular attention to those who do not have access to the mainstream media.
  • He is attentive to persecuted alerters.
  • He follows his instincts of self-preservation.
  • He claims to be the official protector of his children.
  • He refuses to hand his children over to irresponsible regulations.
  • He is fiercely against any suspicious health obligation.
  • He is not afraid to be rebellious in the face of arbitrary deprivation of freedoms.
  • He interprets the wearing of the mask as a sign of the submission of slaves.
  • He thinks the authorities don’t want him well.